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RFC - a CE Marking specialist

Offered services : 

Test and measurements in conformity verification of radio, electrical and electronics appliance for all regulatory, standards and customer rules.

Expertises on electrical, electronic, radio and telecom installations. 

Electromagnetic compatibility in all civil, militaries, aeronautics and automotive domains.

Electromagnetic shielding effectiveness measurements. 

Aid to conception and execution off all electronic, electric products, appliances and complexes systems in order to be compliant with the customer conditions of contract.

Expertises on all malfunctions encountered during usage.

Safety and security (Tempest) of sensible data networks.

Conception and construction of measurement automatic systems in RF-Hyper / EMC / EMI.

Technical and Quality consulting accordingly to ISO 17025, ISO 9001 standards.

Trainings :

For all mandatory domains, RF and Hyper measurements, electromagnetic phenomena measurements, normative tests, etc...



RF Consulting S.A.R.L.
131 Cours Albert Thomas
69003 - LYON - FRANCE

For U.S.A.

RF Consulting US Subsidiary
1180 South Beverly Drive - Suite #400


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email: rfconsulting AT free DOT fr

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